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The Ant & The Grasshopper

What differentiates The Ant and the Grasshopper from other team building and corporate entertainment companies?


All of our innovative programs are designed and created in-house.

You can’t find these original, imaginative team building programs

and shows anywhere else.

“Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the

defeat of habit by originality overcomes everything.”

~ George Lois


Because we at The Ant & the Grasshopper create all of our own

programs we can customize each and every program to our

customer’s needs. We go to great lengths to tailor the right

program for each customer. One size does NOT fit all.

“The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor;

he took my measurement anew every time he saw me,

while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me.”

~ George Bernard Shaw



What’s so innovative about The Ant & the Grasshopper?

We knew that if we were going to encourage creative and

innovative thinking in our participants we needed to lead by

example. Therefore, we decided we wouldn’t offer the same team

building programs and corporate entertainment as everyone else.

Instead we would develop creative, innovative new programs and


“Learning should be joy and full of excitement. It is life’s greatest


~ Taylor Caldwell

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