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The Ant & The Grasshopper

sharper grass only_edited_edited.jpg
sharper ant only_edited_edited.png

She was an “A Type” Formicidea (a worker ant).

Myers Briggs tested him an ESFP Acrididea (a playful grasshopper).

Neither felt complete until the day they met.

The Ant, in an uncharacteristic moment of lightheartedness, decided to attend a comedy show. The Grasshopper was the comedian. By the end of the evening the Ant was feeling happier than she had in years and the Grasshopper had a date with her to discuss his establishing a retirement plan. Together the Ant and the Grasshopper were able to accomplish what they couldn’t individually. As a team they found happiness, security and success. A heart warming story about two insects getting in touch with their inner larvae.

Ant Grasshopper Team Building can do the same for your group. Our fun, engaging programs build the morale of hard working Ants and our innovative team building games give those playful Grasshoppers new skills that will improve productivity. Come play with us and you will discover the power of play.

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