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“Wok-Athon was such a beautiful disaster - and everyone had a great time. It’s tough to hold these guys’ attention for longer than 20 minutes after such a long day. But you guys did a great job at reeling them in and we certainly consider it a success! Thanks for pulling this together with such short notice.” ~Stream Global Services

“Wok-Athon was awesome! Great job!” ~Gorton’s

We currently have only one culinary team building program, however in the past we have

created “one-off” culinary programs developed to a client’s specifications. If Wok-Athon

doesn’t meet your needs please contact us and we may be able to create a unique culinary

program that is a better fit for you.


This culinary team building program involves preparing meals and then dining. Those are the

only two things this culinary program has in common with all the other programs offered. Your

group works in teams to prepare a variety of dishes (some are Chinese recipes but many are

not). The program is lead by an outrageously funny comedienne, a corporate team building

facilitator and an amazing executive chef. However, at the same time your participants are

trying to prepare several courses they will also be competing in a variety of fun exercises for

bonus points.

After the preparation of each course the dishes are judged by our panel and everyone has an

opportunity to relax, break bread together, chat and and sample the other teams’ dishes,

before moving on to preparation of the next course.

Benefits: It is a wonderful icebreaker with lots of laughs and a highly engaging environment.

It’s also a fun morale booster. And finally, for those that would like to learn some new cooking

skills and tips it’s an opportunity for some one-on-one time with an accomplished chef.

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