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Below is a description of our top selling hunt, The Incredible Race, along with a list of just some of the customized versions we created over the years for various companies and organizations. If you don’t see one that matches your goals, please let us know and we will develop an Incredible Race specific to your needs.

The Incredible Race
Our Top Selling Hunt!

Loosely based on the TV series our program includes Roadblocks, Detours, a Fast Forward and a Yield, however it differs drastically in that it is not the first team to the Pit Stop that wins, but rather the team that can score the most points in the allotted time. Besides the fun challenges, teams are each supplied with a digital camera and can earn extra points completing photo challenges along the way. This highly engaging, exciting program is so popular many companies have purchased it multiple times, including Johnson & Johnson, Schneider Electric, Bryant University, Cognizant, United Technologies, and many more.

But it is never the same race twice.


…best team building experience ever!” ~Reebok

A fabulous event … [for] a group of 250 people!” ~CSN Stores

“…by far the best team building event anyone has ever done!” ~Slalom Consulting

Incredible Diversity Race

This customized version of our Incredible Race focuses on the value and importance of diversity. For example, one of the Challenges gives teams an open-ended problem and asks them to come up with as many answers as possible. The more diverse the team, the greater the number of solutions they will have from which to choose.

Incredible Leadership Race

This customized version focuses on the development of Leadership Skills. Each of the challenges presents teams with a different leadership challenge.

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made.” ~Vince Lombardi

Incredible Green Race

This customized version of our Incredible Race focuses on Green issues such as sustainability, waste reduction, protection of the environment, types of pollution (air, water, soil, light, noise, thermal, radioactive), cleanup solutions, and more.

Incredible Philanthropic Race

You tell us which organization you would like to support and we will create a customized Incredible Race that benefits that charity.

Incredible Photo Race

For those groups on a limited budget we will write a race without the staffed challenges but still has the fun and excitement of our Incredible Race.


“…this is the most fun we’ve ever had.”

~Johnson & Johnson

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