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Below are some of the Ant & Grasshopper’s unique team building programs that we created

over the last 25 years. Because we developed all of these programs in-house we can customize most of them to your specific needs. Don’t see anything you like? Please let us know and we will create something specifically for your function, organization or goals.

Corporate American Idols

Your group competes in teams, writing and rehearsing a song, and then performing on-stage for a panel of judges.

Morale boosting fun! This can also be CSR program by performing your songs at a seniors home and giving the gift of joy.

Escape Room Die Hard

You mission is to solve the problems in order to save your company from corporate saboteurs!

This non-competitive team building program focuses on collaborative problem solving.

CSI Teams

Teams collect clues, analyze the data, and maybe even perform an autopsy (gasp!) to solve the crime.

A really fun way to develop strategic thinking.

Game Shows

We have several different game shows each designed for different size groups, different outcomes and different budgets. Our top selling game show is “Wheel or No Wheel”. Click here to go to our Game Show page.

Great American Bike Giveaway

This Philanthropic/CSR program is a win/win. Your group works in teams to assemble bicycles and then give them away to underprivileged children. It is a memorable morale booster and a great way to give back to the community.

Illinois Jones and the Hidden Treasure

Riddles, puzzles and conundrums from history and various cultures lead to a hidden treasure.

This non-competitive program focuses on improving communication and collaboration.

Play Day

A variety of fun games in which your participants switch teams for each round. This engaging and fun program is an excellent way to break the ice and foster trust.

Shark Team

Teams are presented the challenge of coming up with an innovative new product (the proverbial “better mousetrap”) and then pitching it to our panel of sharks.

Creative thinking,

Spy School

This competitive program has been very successful with all levels from entry level to UpperManagement. It is a fun, highly engaging program that has been facilitated for all types of businesses including pharma, financial and high tech, as well as organizations such as Universities and non-profits, and for the US Government including the military and intelligence agencies.  

Benefits include Strategic Thinking, Time Management, Problem Solving, Icebreaking, Morale Boosting 

Companies who have purchased Spy School multiple times include, Haliburton, Proctor & Gamble, World Bank, Lockheed Martin, Bryant University, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, RoyalBank of Scotland and MilliporeSigma


“What a fantastic and innovative approach to team building! Spy School was by far the best team building activity I have seen.”

~ Rydex Investments

“We had a true International team in for our event (over 20 countries represented) and Spy School really engaged everyone and helped to break the ice. People were talking about it for the rest of the week. We couldn’t have hoped for anything more perfect! Thank you for making this the most talked about event ever!” ~ GTech

Our Top Selling Program!

The Moveable Feast

A variety of fun games during a meal in which your participants move to a different table with a different group of guests for each course. This fun program is an excellent way to break the ice and foster trust.

To Kill A Spy

A game of espionage, a mystery and a hunt all in one. This highly engaging program gets your group on their feet looking for the double agent before time runs out.

And each team gives one of their teammates a license to (cue dramatic music: “dun, dun, daaaah) kill!

Trade Show Programs

We have several different Trade Show programs each designed to motivate attendees to visit as many of the booths as possible. Click here to learn about all of our Trade Show programs.

Training & Assessments

Let’s get serious now. A program such as MBTI, DiSC or the communication improvement program known as Mobius Model added to one of our fun team building programs is a great way to increase the take-aways. Click here to learn about all of our Training and Assessment programs.

Wacky Games

This competitive, physical competition can be played indoors in a ballroom, gym or other large space. Some of the games are physical, some are intellectual and most are hysterical, making

this program inclusive. Lots of morale boosting fun.


A competitive, culinary program where teams cook a wide range of dishes in electric woks.  Then after their dishes are judged everyone breaks bread together. This program is both an icebreaker and a wonderful morale booster.

Click here to learn more about this Culinary Program.

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