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There are two main types of mysteries we offer. The first type, Dinner Mystery, is

designed to take place during a meal with a scene taking place prior to the

beginning of food service and the audience interacting with the characters

throughout the meal. This ends after the meal with each table working as a team to

submit an answer as to the identity of the killer. All of the Dinner Mysteries

include live music, audience participation and plenty of laughs.

The second type is the Mystery Game. This may take place with food stations or

without a meal as the audience is on their feet seeking out the suspects and

witnesses in order to the solve the mystery within the allotted time. This highly

engaging type of interactive game has been performed in mansions, on boats, in

resorts and hotels.

We write all of our own mysteries and can create one to your specifications.


“On behalf of the planning committee and the entire staff here at NESPIN, again,

just wanted to say thanks for yesterday's murder mystery. all did an

excellent job. The live music was a nice added touch. You guys are the talk of the

office today... It was good to see the employees laugh so hard at themselves and

your presentation.” ~ New England State Police Information Network

The above testimonial is a pretty good review for a murder mystery especially

given that the audience was comprised of police detectives and law enforcement

support staff.

…Divided We Die (*Top Selling corporate murder mystery)

Complete a four page questionnaire and using our …Divided We Die template we

will create a murder mystery all about your group. Your dinner guests will be the

witnesses, detectives and some will even be the suspects. Don’t worry, none will

be victims.

Most Popular Dinner Mysteries

Murder: Now That’s Entertainment! is a murder mystery and variety show that

works for groups of 100 - 250 persons. Murder Untouchable is a 1920’s speakeasy

mystery with a live ragtime band. 100 - 250 persons. Play Mystic for Me One of

the fortune tellers giving readings for your guests is the killer. 20 - 100 persons.

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind is a sort of X-Files mystery and was given a

rave review by an audience full of police detectives and support staff. 50 - 150

persons. Johnny Be Dead is rock n’ roll mystery with a rock n’ roll band. 60 - 250


Most Popular Mystery Games

To Kill a Spy is a mystery and a game of espionage. Your job is to catch the mole

before they sell your secrets. 20 - 150 persons. Margaritaville Mystery. A

parrothead mystery. 50 - 150 persons. Bad Moon Rising. A room full of fortune

tellers and no one predicted the murder?! 20 - 200 persons.

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