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Cardboard Boat Building & Race

Teams are challenged with building boats out of cardboard sturdy enough to support two of their teammates and then race them in a lake, pond, river, ocean or even a large pool.

Benefits: This program is educational on so many levels (project management, time management, resource management, etc.) and it is also an incredibly fun morale booster they

won’t soon forget.

Game Shows

We have several different game shows each designed for different size groups, different

outcomes and different budgets. Our top selling game show is “Wheel or No Wheel”.

Click here to go to the Game Shows page.

Great American Bike Giveaway

This Philanthropic/CSR program is a win/win. Your group works in teams to assemble bicycles and then give them away to underprivileged children. Benefits: It is a memorable morale

booster and a great way to give back to the community.


We have a large selection of hunts each designed with different themes, different take-aways, different durations and for different locations and groups. Our top selling hunt nation wide is

“The Incredible Race”. We have a number of clients who purchase this amazing program again and again, including: Johnson & Johnson, Schneider Electric, Bryant University, Cognizant, United Technologies, and many more. Benefits: You tell us what you want the take-aways to be and we customize the hunt for you. Click here to go to the Hunts page.

Medieval Tournament

A fun, innovative program that works for many types of groups including those Summer company get-togethers that invite families to attend. Families or no families your staff will have

a blast playing such medieval sports as the “Jousting Match”, the “William Tell Crossbow Challenge” and “Escape from the Dungeons of Castle Rat Trap”. Great morale booster.

Old Fashioned Picnic Games

Another company get-together program that works for staff and families, or just staff. We bring the tug-o-war rope, the water balloons, the potato sacks, corn hole, and more, and your group has the fun. Great morale booster.

Play Day

A variety of fun team games in which your participants switch teams for each round. This high energy, fun program is an excellent way to break the ice and build trust.

Spy Camp

This takes outdoor competitive games in unique and fun direction with challenges such as the “Shooting Range” (water rifles), “Cross Country Escape”, and the “James Bond Obstacle Course”. Morale boosting fun!


The challenges are similar to the TV series but without the starvation, killer sharks and no one gets voted off. The objective is to out wit, out play, and out think-out-of-the-box. This program also includes tribal council and the dreaded “merge”. Benefit: Morale boosting fun!

Wacky Carnival

If you want something less structured than organized team games Wacky Carnival is set up so your guests can play any games they want at anytime they want. We have games such as “ring toss”, “plinko”, “mini-putt golf”, “bean bag toss” and even a “dunk tank” if you like.

Who wouldn’t like a chance to dunk the boss?

Wacky Games
Top Selling
Outdoor Program!

We take the old games and put our own fun twist on them. Some of the games are physical, some are intellectual, and some are just downright hysterical, so there’s something for everyone. This inclusive team building program is designed so that the athletic types don’t dominate the games, and everyone gets to play and have a fun time. And we design the rotation schedule so teams play against different teams for each game, giving everyone a chance to meet everyone else. We save the best for last when just before the medal ceremony. ALL the teams play one last game ALL together.

Benefits: Morale boosting fun and a great way to get to know everyone.

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