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The benefits of having your group participate in a Philanthropic/CSR (Corporate Social

Responsibility) program are numerous, including:

- Making a connection with the community

- Gaining a Sense of Purpose

- Morale Boosting

- Communication Building

Bag of Hugs

This philanthropic icebreaker is a win/win for two groups. Firstly, your group will enjoy a fun,

engaging icebreaker, and secondly, the bags you filled with much needed toiletries, clothing,

toys and comfort blankets, will be donated to shelters for families and children in need.

Great American Bike Giveaway (*our Top Selling Philanthropic/CSR program)

Your group must solve a variety of puzzles to earn tools to build your bike(s). Once assembled

the bikes are then given to underprivileged children or an organization such as the Boys & Girls

Club or YMCA or some other organization that works with children. This is a feel good team

building program that your group will remember long after the bicycle wrenches and air pumps

have been out away.

Incredible Philanthropic Race

The Incredible Race is our top selling scavenger hunt. This customized version has all the fun,

excitement and team building benefits of our original race, but also the added good feelings

that come with a philanthropic/CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program. We will

customize it to benefit the charity, organization or group of your choice.

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