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We can create a hunt for almost any location. We have done hunts on city or town

streets, in parks, at resorts, in malls, on islands, on campuses, in museums,

galleries, zoos and aquariums, and in mansions, castles and forts. We have hunts

that are done on foot, on bicycles, some use limos and some need canoes, or

kayaks or motor boats. Listed below are a few of our most popular hunts. If

there’s nothing there that interests you, please let us know where your hunt will

take place and how we may customize it to your specifications.

Hysterical Historical Hunt

We give your group a digital cameras and a custom written hunt list, and send them

off to find famous, historical people (our re-enactors). Past locations include:

Boston, Cambridge, Salem, Plymouth, Newport, Valley Forge, Washington Mall,

Charleston, SC, New Orleans, Long Grove, IL, Spanish Town, British Virgin

Islands, Vancouver, BC and Kingston, ONT., but we can write one of these fun,

educational hunts for almost any historic location.

Mystery Hunt

This is a murder mystery and a scavenger hunt combined. Teams have a limited

amount of time to search the hunt area for the suspects and witnesses. When the

teams reach the finish line hopefully they have gathered enough clues to solve the


Night at the Museum Hunt

This hunt is custom written for any museum, gallery, aquarium or zoo you prefer.

Teams may meet a mummy come to life or an astronaut in a space suit (depending

on where the hunt takes place). History comes to life in this hunt that is both

entertaining and educational.

Photo Hunt

Groups on a limited budget will enjoy this highly engaging, fun hunt. Armed only

with a custom written hunt list and a digital camera, teams photograph themselves

performing fun challenges at some of the more interesting sites in the hunt area.

Afterwards a digital slideshow gives teams an opportunity to share their exciting

hunt moments.

Scalawags & Hooligans

If you are trying to build trust, this is NOT the hunt for you. This hunt is designed

for highly competitive groups that are all about winning. The team with the

biggest, best cheaters will steal the prize.

Spy Hunt

This unique hunt has your guests breaking codes, searching for spies and

conducting black ops missions. This hunt challenges participants to think

strategically while being a whole LOT of fun at the same time.

Tomb Hunters

This hunt will have your teams visiting well-known landmarks and discovering

little-known gems. They may search for historic sites, beautiful art or unique

architecture, or they may have to solve ancient puzzles and decipher mysterious

archeological relics. It just depends on the what the area has to offer. They will

definitely visit graveyards and tombs, and most assuredly experience a fun, morale

boosting time.

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