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Listed below are some of the shows we have for specific seasons or holidays. We

have also created shows for groups with other occasions in mind including a Mardi

Gras show, Octoberfest, weddings, retirement parties, birthdays, and the 200th

Anniversary of the French Revolution, just to name a few. Don’t see anything here

that fits your function, please let us know and we will create something just for


New Year’s Eve

For a New Year’s Eve celebration we recommend any of our Theme Parties but we

also have a murder mystery written specifically for this date. Killing Time is a

dinner mystery where the suspects include the years 1492, 1776, and 1968, to

name a few. The dinner show is filled with music, comedy and murder, and the

audience is tasked with catching the killer by desserts so few can get to the


Valentines Day

Til Death Do Us Part is our most popular murder mystery around Valentines Day

but it has also been performed at several wedding receptions. This interactive

mystery has plenty of laughs, music, romance and…. murder!

St Patrick’s Day

March always keeps us busy and we have three great offerings for those wanting to

celebrate the Irish.

Tim Finnegan’s Wake has been one of our top selling dinner shows since 1997. It

has been performed coast to coast across the US and Canada, from Boston to

Vancouver, from Toronto to Naples, FL, with rave reviews everywhere we go. 60 -

400 persons. Tales of Blarney Stone is an Irish show with a smaller cast but just

as much music, comedy and audience participation. It works well for groups with

a smaller audience and/or budget. 20 - 200 persons. The Waking Dead is an Irish

dinner comedy where the departed won’t stay dead. Some members of the

audience may also die and return as zombies. Hopefully they can still carry a tune

because the music and laughter never stops. 60 - 200 persons


What better time of year to have a murder mystery party than this spooky holiday?

Our two most popular at this time of year are the Dinner Mystery, Close

Encounters of the Worst Kind a sort of X-Files mystery that was given a rave

review by an audience full of police detectives and support staff. 50 - 150 persons.

And the Mystery Game Bad Moon Rising. A room full of fortune tellers and no

one predicted the murder?! 20 - 200 persons.

Holiday Season

Murder Mysteries include: Frosty the Dead Man, Good and Dead King

Wenceslas and Who the Dickens Is the Killer? Theme Parties include A

Victorian Christmas, Jack Frost’s Winter Wonderland and The Grinchly

Party. We also have the Comedy Dinner Show, Christmas in Killarney.

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