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Theme Parties

Listed below are our most popular Theme Parties but over the years we have

created customized theme parties for various groups including many Secret Agent

Parties, Roman Bacchanals, several Pirate Parties, Beach Parties, a Disco Party, a

Fairy Tale Party, an Indiana Jones Party, a Medieval Festival, and so many more.

If there’s nothing below that interests you, please share your party ideas with us

and we will create a Theme Party just for you.

Big Mugsy's Speakeasy

This 1920’s party has a ragtime band, cigarette girls, gun toting gangsters, flappers, a Charleston Dance Competition, a raid by Eliot Mess and the Untouchables and more.

This lively party works for employee appreciation functions, fund raisers, or even large family get-togethers.


100 - unlimited guests.

Night of Stars

This theme party was designed for awards nights or employee apparel nation functions. The red carpet is rolled out and as your guests arrive they pose for photos form the paparazzi and some are interviewed by our “TV” entertainment reporter. There’s a band and we will perform a song written about your company or group. This spectacular theme party makes all your guests feel like a stars.


100 - unlimited guests.

Revolutionary Ball

Your guests are cast back in time to the end of the American Revolutionary and the beginning of these United States, where they will meet such celebrities as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross and more. The theme party includes a live band, plenty of history and lots of fun games and comedic moments. This theme party is great for a 4th of July celebration or to celebrate the beginning of something new such as a new product, service or a merger.


100 - unlimited guests

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