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The objective of our Trade Show programs is to motivate the attendees to visit

most if not all of the booths at your trade show. The programs are also designed to

encourage attendees to visit those areas with reduced foot traffic because they are

on the periphery or down aisles that are difficult to find.

Clue Search - The Trade Show Mystery

Upon arrival your attendees are instantly drawn into the fun of the mystery as they

are greeted by a flashing red light, police tape cordoning off a crime scene, a chalk

outline and Inspector Indigo. This highly engaging program has attendees

searching for clues at the trade show booths, and at the same time discovering the

products and services each booth offers. Intermittently Inspector Indigo and a cast

of characters will conduct entertaining demonstrations in some of the areas with

less foot traffic.

Trade Show Monopoly

Attendees are presented with the rules of Trade Show Monopoly as they arrive by

none other than T.S. Moneybags himself, (AKA the Monopoly Man). Everyone

also receives $100 Monopoly bucks to get them started and off they go to visit as

many booths as they can, earning money along the way, as well as discovering all

the wonderful services and products the booths have to offer. But attendees need

to be careful and not get sent directly to jail, “Do not pass Go. Do not collect


Illinois Jones and the Search for the Lost Relic of the Trade Show

Located somewhere in the Trade Show is an ancient, priceless artifact. Illinois

Jones (Indiana’s older and far less successful brother) needs your help in finding

the lost relic. Besides being a great way to invigorate attendees this exciting

interactive game is also a great icebreaker that will get both attendees and those

staffing the booths, chatting and interacting with one another

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